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Facing a Hacker in Arena 5

9:57 pm, November 19, 2016 22,558 243 1.2 @ 200 wpmrate up 36 Blanche
Hey, I'm Blanche from the clan TJMS Bossness and I recently faced off against a supposed hacker in arena five. A few minutes ago I faced a player named "Álvaro" from the clan "estais muertos". The battle started out with me sending down a witch on my left lane which I followed up with a second from my mirror card, which he countered using his level 1 dragon, keep in mind level 1, and then mirrored it, and came out with a level 2 dragon. How could this even happen? I've watched the replay about 7 times and it is no mistake what happened. I had a hard time struggling with him/her, and I ended it off in a draw. That's when I began to watch the replays and see that all of his cards were in fact, epics, and for some reason were all level 1, so there was absolutely no possibility for him to pull out a level 2 card like that at all. Another concerning thing was the fact that he was level 7, but if he hadn't ever gotten to the point of leveling his epics up, how did he reach level 7 in the first place? He wouldn't have been that high of a level unless their rares and commons were incredibly high, which I doubt. All of this happening leads me to believe that this person was hacking. I'm lucky to of been able to get past the battle I had with the player.
9:57 pm, November 19, 2016 22,558 243 36


The mirror at lvl one mirrors epic cards at lvl 2
Guest @ 3:46 pm, April 8, 2017 Rating: +7
A: Mirror Lv.1 goes epics to 2. B: Trophy droppers for clan chest.
Guest @ 9:22 pm, January 29, 2017 Rating: +6
the new update levels up the epic cards by 1 if we mirror them
Guest @ 1:02 pm, November 24, 2016 Rating: +6
A similar thing had happened to me recently, whereas there were two different levels of the same type of troop. Weird.
Guest @ 12:00 am, November 20, 2016 Rating: +13
Lol I rate this is legitness
Guest @ 10:22 pm, November 19, 2016 Rating: +19


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