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Clash Royale - Tips & Tricks - Back to Basics!

Clash Royale - Tips & Tricks - Back to Basics!

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Some early access to kings cup clips.
  • Fire spirits and ice golem can disarm 3 musketeers
  • The log can push back units giving the prince distance to charge
  • A miner hit with a fireball next to the lower left or right areas close to the kings tower can be forced to hit the kings tower. 
  • A knight can survive a sparky blast and take her out
  • Once a royal giant is locked onto your tower, the only building that can push him back is a tombstone.
  • Musketeer and ice spirit can shut down a minion horde + miner combo.
  • You can pig push with any single unit, you just need to plant it before the hog.
  • You can pull a pekka and then push it across the river with a log
  • an ice golem can kite many different types of units very effectively
  • goblins can kite the baby dragon to its death
6:23 am, November 7, 2016 3,685 175 1 source



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