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iOS Please wait Transaction is Pending (Bug/Problem)

4:08 am, April 29, 2016 13,736 157 0.8 @ 200 wpmrate up 7 21jackboy source
So about 3 weeks ago i Purchased a barrel of gems for $19.99. When i looked to see if it was in my clash royale account it wasn't. But when i went back to the Gem purchase page the buttons were grayed out and when i tapped on them they would say this "Please wait Transaction is Pending" So i will get to the point here Can ANYone help me with this i have googled the whole internet it feels like and can't find anything that helps me.

Thanks in advance
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4:08 am, April 29, 2016 13,736 157 7 source


Yeah **** supercell for delaying my game process cant buy gems is ****
Guest @ 9:33 pm, April 11, 2017 Rating: +6
I had the same problem on iOS and even loaded the game on another Android device and when the account sync the problem occurs immediately. So it is a server side issue Supercell refused to fix.
Guest @ 10:04 pm, March 19, 2017 Rating: +8
i dont know
Guest @ 9:15 pm, March 5, 2017 Rating: +6
just reset ur phone
Guest @ 6:52 pm, January 2, 2017 Rating: +6
Nothing works
Guest @ 12:27 am, May 10, 2017 Rating: +6
It is really annoying. At least this hint with game center is a good workaround: Guest @ 7:56 pm, December 24, 2016!!! Cheers and Thanks!
Guest @ 9:32 am, December 30, 2016 Rating: +9
The electro wizard is coming out in 10 hours and I can't purchase anything I lost the 100$ and supercell won't give me it back
Guest @ 11:28 am, December 29, 2016 Rating: +6
They're losing revenue too. I really want the Christmas special...
Guest @ 4:38 pm, December 23, 2016 Rating: +6
I had the same problem and there is a work around. You need another device, a Game Center Account and the game clash royale on both devices. First you add clash royale on the other device if you don't have it then you sign into the same Game Center Account with the same ID on both devices then you should be able to buy things on the second device and the purchase should sync to the first device.
Guest @ 7:56 pm, December 24, 2016 Rating: +8
It's pretty annoying supercell will just ignore a huge problem in the game like that. Really?
Guest @ 2:24 pm, December 22, 2016 Rating: +12
same with me
Guest @ 8:59 pm, December 17, 2016 Rating: +6
I have had this problem for a couple of months. This needs to be fixed. Super Cell would make more money if they would let us buy gems
Guest @ 5:42 pm, December 16, 2016 Rating: +7
Same thing. Transaction pending. Any updates?
Guest @ 1:49 am, October 16, 2016 Rating: +7
Me too
Guest @ 12:32 am, September 22, 2016 Rating: +6
This has been happening to me for months now and I've tried signing out of Apple ID and have tried redone loading the app and have come up short please anyone help
Guest @ 5:59 am, July 8, 2016 Rating: +8
Me too
Guest @ 1:33 pm, June 23, 2016 Rating: +7
Hello! I have contacted Apple and Supercell about this problem and they could not help at all. Apple has refunded my purchase but neither could solve my problem. Sorry if I didn't help but at least you have someone on your side! :) paranormalpooks (Lunar)
Guest @ 8:25 pm, May 14, 2016 Rating: +7
This is happening to me to! It is very annoying but it is tolerable. Any updates on ways to fix it? -Thanks
Guest @ 9:45 pm, June 17, 2016 Rating: +7


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