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iOS The game keeps trying to reset my progress

3:08 pm, March 20, 2016 4,029 169 0.8 @ 200 wpmrate up Stderek source
I started this game on my iPhone. And I have a level 10 with a lot of units. I wanted to also play on my iPad. When I logged into my iPad, I unknowingly saved my iPad data as my Game Center account (before I did it on my phone). Now I can't get my data from my phone to Game Center because it keeps trying to reset my account to level 1.

according to directions it says you can only have one account on Game Center and when you link it its permanent. This is a big because it's not letting me overwrite the data. And now I'm at risk of losing my account after spending a decent amount of money and time.

any help on how to fix this would be great. And going forward, when you connect to Game Center, you should have the option to overwrite Game Center with information on phone vs just overwriting phone with info on Game Center.
3:08 pm, March 20, 2016 4,029 169 source


I just came on and poof, all my stuff was gone
Guest @ 3:38 am, June 12, 2017
This happened to me too xD
Guest @ 1:48 am, May 18, 2017 Rating: +2


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