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Clash Royale Crashing at 42% or 48%

2:09 am, January 11, 2016 25,960 81 0.4 @ 200 wpmrate up 20 KruXoR
I currently have an issue when im loading into Clash Royale and the Game will not load past 42% it loads the first time, and then restarts and then just quits loading. I have tried on my iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5, both logged into the same game center account.  Both of them do exactly the same thing.  I have tried re-installing the game, and makes no difference.  Very Annoying.
2:09 am, January 11, 2016 25,960 81 20


It sucks
Guest @ 6:48 pm, March 16, 2017 Rating: +8
It doesn't even open the app I click on it then it goes to a black screen for about 3 seconds then goes back to my home screen. Its not jail breaked at all. Very very annoying. HELP
Guest @ 12:46 am, January 31, 2017 Rating: +8
Mine does the exact same thing ! I'm on iOS 10.3 iPhone 6s
Guest @ 4:24 pm, April 3, 2017 Rating: +8
Do you have to do all of that on home wifi and not data?
Guest @ 9:23 pm, October 22, 2016 Rating: +8
Same crashes at 50
Guest @ 1:00 am, May 11, 2016 Rating: +10
Clash Royale worked fine until Supercell updated Clash Royale to 1.3.2. Since then I can't play the game because it crashes at 48%. I'm also jailbroken on iOS 8.4 so I have a good chance that's the reason.
Guest @ 1:06 am, May 5, 2016 Rating: +14
I tried, I managed to pass 48 but once I hit 50 it says I have no connection
Guest @ 2:50 am, March 11, 2016 Rating: +20
i found a solution to help you guys and keep your account first you need to have google play account then go to setting/app/ clash royale and clear data dont worry youl get your stuff back and then go back into the game and it should work if it does not just unistall then reinstall after youve restarted the game and finished the battle go to settings in the game and click the google play dicconect button to connect it and it will ask you if you want your old account back. this happened to me and i went on all different websites so i texted my friend who works at super cell and gave me this information good look and clash on
Guest @ 8:04 pm, March 10, 2016 Rating: +19
What if you have an iPhone and your account was never linked to Google play?
Guest @ 11:07 pm, May 3, 2016 Rating: +10
I went to settings and cleared app data for clash royale. It worked like magic. It seems there was an error in supercell's part when updating the game.
Careful when the game starts though. They will ask wheher you want to start with 0 exp or continue your current progress. U might cry if u click it wrong. Lol.
Guest @ 11:59 am, May 18, 2016 Rating: +13
I have no idea what's the problem. I have a new iPhone 6s Plus and an iPhone 5c running the same Game Centre account but all my efforts are futile. Really annoying. Though, I can play on my iPhone 5c, I want to play on my bigger screen though.
Guest @ 12:32 pm, March 10, 2016 Rating: +10
This happens to me at 39% :(
Guest @ 4:42 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +12
I've been playing since it was released on android and this is the first time its happened to me. The games keeps crashing when the loading screen reaches 50%. I've tried uninstalling and resetting my phone by nothing works.
Guest @ 4:03 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +13
Mine gets stuck at 50 I have android phone tried clearing data uninstalling reseting phone nothing works any suggestions
Guest @ 2:56 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +10
I connected to my home WiFi did not work
Guest @ 12:23 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +11
kruxor thanks alot dude :)
Guest @ 1:05 pm, March 6, 2016 Rating: +10
damn that didnt work for me anything else i could try?
Guest @ 2:54 pm, February 1, 2016 Rating: +9
no probs, glad its working for you! now you can get addicted as well, lol!
kruxor @ 5:41 am, January 15, 2016 Rating: +9
Krux thanks so much!! It finally worked after I got out of school and connected to my home wifi
Guest @ 5:28 am, January 15, 2016 Rating: +9
did you sign out of game center before deleting the game and re-installing it?
Settings / Game Center / press your apple id, and then sign out. don't sign back in, until clash royale asks you to sign back into it (after you have re-installed it).
That should work!
kruxor @ 10:02 pm, January 14, 2016 Rating: +11
I tried to do everything said here and my loading bar goes up to 50% a but refreshes the supercell logo and goes to 48 and crashes again.. Just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this?
Desu @ 7:03 pm, January 14, 2016 Rating: +9
Same thing happens to me I hope they issue an update that fixes this bug
Guest @ 6:39 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +10
Ok i figured out how to fix the crashing at 42% or crashing at 48%, its all todo with the game center login. For some reason it freaks out if you are already signed into game center when you 1st load it for some reason.
Here is how i fixed it.
1. Sign out of gamecenter
2. Delete Clash Royale
3. Re-Install Clash Royale
4. Start Clash Royale
5. Sign back into Game Center when prompted.
6. Play Clash Royale!
kruxor @ 6:18 am, January 13, 2016 Rating: +14
still doesnt work
Guest @ 7:04 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +9
Kruxor. Still doesn't work I did everything till 4 but the Game Center prompt not coming.. Help me
Guest @ 3:23 pm, March 12, 2016 Rating: +10
i think its a bug with the game center login, so if you are signed out when you start up the game it should ask you to sign back into game center
kruxor @ 10:04 pm, March 13, 2016 Rating: +13
Will you lose your cards
Guest @ 10:35 am, March 23, 2016 Rating: +12
Thanks u so much
Guest @ 4:39 am, March 31, 2016 Rating: +9
Do you get your data back
Guest @ 6:28 pm, May 28, 2016 Rating: +8
This helped so much! It does it every time threat supercell releases a major update requiring an app update, and this fixed it! Thanks Kruxor!!
Guest @ 10:14 pm, September 19, 2016 Rating: +10
That fix worked for me. thanks kruxor - you are a legend!
Guest @ 3:43 pm, January 12, 2016 Rating: +9
yeah i'm having the same issue, it happens on both my iphones which is weird. might be linked to the game center login or something.
kruxor @ 6:29 am, January 11, 2016 Rating: +9
What do I do if I have a android device?
Guest @ 11:29 pm, March 9, 2016 Rating: +10
I 'm on andriod, it crashes at 40% for me, do I do the same?
Guest @ 1:36 am, March 11, 2016 Rating: +9
I might know why, maybe if you have it on another device also, it won't work and can only be done on one device at a time, I deleted it off my tablet and it worked for me
Guest @ 8:47 pm, March 30, 2016 Rating: +9


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