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General Enemies with Duplicate Cards.

3:08 am, March 7, 2016 12,150 73 0.4 @ 200 wpmrate up 5 jeridex source
Hi, I've encountered enemies which uses the same card twice in the same turn. The only difference between the cards is that the 2nd card has a lower level than the 1st one. I think this is a form of ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥ and I would like to report it. Is this a feature to the game or a ♥♥♥♥♥? Thanks
3:08 am, March 7, 2016 12,150 73 5 source


This has happened to me multiple times. 4 sparkies, magician, etc. in a row. Other times 1 card with a a high number and another identical card with a lower number played just after. Just played a game with lava monster, magician and ice wizard played repeatedly without any other cards ... when will the 'cheating loophole' be closed
Guest @ 4:00 am, June 12, 2017
This person is not talking about the mirror card. I've seen this, too.
Guest @ 1:59 am, April 4, 2017 Rating: +1
Not far that people are allowed to cheat and the don't card. 6 months later and it's still going on.
Guest @ 9:10 pm, October 29, 2016
So how is it a player using level one sparky card then mirror a level 2 sparky? Is that right?
Guest @ 7:34 am, October 7, 2016 Rating: +1
This is a known bug that Super Cell will not fix. It is to support those who cheat and buy gems
Guest @ 4:24 am, June 12, 2016
That's a mirror card yes, but how do to explain when two cards back to back at the same level? Happens to me a lot and I check the replay, a lot of don't have mirror cards in their deck.
Guest @ 2:55 pm, June 5, 2016 Rating: +1
I believe it's the mirror card
Guest @ 4:57 am, May 23, 2016 Rating: +1
Two witches, two dragons ..multiple times... wtf
Guest @ 6:57 am, May 21, 2016 Rating: +4
I had the same thing happen they throw there card and there is a copy card that makes the same troop u just threw down at a lower lvl
Guest @ 7:24 pm, March 13, 2016 Rating: +7
Same, Someone just threw down barbs twice and then archers twice in the same game. still won :) but lame
Guest @ 12:07 am, May 11, 2016


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