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USA CLAN LOOKING 4 Mature, active, competitors

8:58 pm, December 18, 2016 629 127 0.6 @ 200 wpmrate up Angelzz
03/09/17 ****Divine Clasherz #2PRLRROP *** 30819 Clan Trophies / 46 Members / Required 2600+ trophies to join *** {??WE ARE ALL ABOUT SUPPORT, DONATIONS, TEAM WORK & INCENTIVES??} *** TOURNEY: - They are held as often as u want them to be! ***DONATIONS: Min donations is set @ 180 members! Clan chest donations is set at 10 A day ! ****ACTIVITIES : We vote each month for "PLAYER OF THE MONTH" There are 4 members are selected and annonymous voting is done on who u found to be loyal , active, big on donating, and friendly so they can be gifted a $10 gift card KIK CHAT: install this app so i can add u 2 our active group chat. username is M4ri4ngelzz. WHEN SENDING A REQUEST MAKE SURE TO SAY " IM FROM ROYALE MMMOS SITE" OR U WONT BE CONSIDERED. Angelz Clan Leader
8:58 pm, December 18, 2016 629 127



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