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Nerf sparky

9:36 am, September 15, 2016 493 52 0.3 @ 200 wpmrate up austin12345
i think u should nerf the sparky because he does way too much damage but nerf meens like lower the heath and expecially the damage down please becuase sparky and golem and peeka and giant is too overpowered im in arena 7 so im sure im not the only haveing this problem too...
9:36 am, September 15, 2016 493 52


The damage per second is actually not that good, for example, the PEKKA does 360 dps at lvl 4 while lvl 1 Sparky (tourny levels) does 270 or so. Also it's charge is easily reset by distractions zap and elctro wizard. I would agree with the damage and health though if they also made the charge non-resetable by zaps. A damage rate of 900 every 4 seconds non stop until dead sounds about right(and freeze obviously)
Guest @ 5:17 pm, April 9, 2017


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