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Clash Royalepedia is Accepting Participants for its Open Tournaments - July 29, 2016 [Register Now!]

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We are please to announce that Clash Royalepedia is hosting its first tournament this coming July 29. Here are some info below: 1 Must have a RockU Talk account. Here's a link https://talk.rockuapps.com.? 2 English will be the language to be used throughout the event.? 3 To join, you must be Level 8 and above. A screenshot of your current profile must be uploaded in RockU Talk - Clash Royale Community. (Post Link: https://talk.rockuapps.com/media/clash-royale/rooms/85) The screenshot must contain your in-game name, level and current arena.? 4 A PayPal account is required. This will be the only way that CRpedia will be distributing its prizes. (If you don't have a Paypal account now, you may do this later) After the Open Tournaments this July 29, The Finals of this event will take place in the second week of August. The champion is entitled to get up to 6,500gems! Detailed information in the link. See you there! https://www.clashroyalepedia.com/Clash_Royalepedia_Event_:_Open_Tournaments_on_July_29
3:11 am, July 27, 2016 454 168 source



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