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Clash royal-recruiting loyal friends

2:53 am, July 5, 2016 547 77 0.4 @ 200 wpmrate up Blaze
Hey guy i opened a clan a few days ago we only have 9 members and we will make the first 10 who join coleader promtions available-1 so dont miss the orpotunity the late comers can also be coleader but we will need to discuss please give this clan a push and enjoy the clan priviledges Clan info - Its called Blazers it has 9 members the leader is Blaze 12 and its international anyone can join clan tag #YPOJP2P
2:53 am, July 5, 2016 547 77


Please comment something bros
Blaze @ 2:56 am, July 5, 2016


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