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Recruiting For Clan Begins! Singapore Clan *Alcoholeagues*

7:32 am, May 18, 2016 487 93 0.5 @ 200 wpmrate up 1 Alan
Hi everyone! Our Clash Royale clan is currently recruiting for members as we break into the top 200 in local clans in SINGAPORE. We have a main clan and a newly set up sub-clan for new players to raise in their trophies before advancing into the main clan. The main clan's name is Alcoholeagues, (#8UVL280) The sub main clan's name is Alcoholeagues-2 (#P0PQL8Q) We are look for players with ANY amount of trophies as we believe in growing stronger together. Do consider coming over to take a look and have some fun!
7:32 am, May 18, 2016 487 93 1



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