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Android Cant Join free tournaments

11:10 am, April 14, 2017 419 110 0.6 @ 200 wpmrate up PuffPuffy source
I had a problem a while ago where someone bought gems on my account and once we reported it all the gems got refunded. Now I have -6000+ gems. Not having gems is the problem though, it's the fact that I can't do free tournaments. For a month plus now everytime I click "Join Free" the free is red and then I get a connection lost message. If it's free I shouldn't be having this problem but because I have in terms of "Insufficient funds/gems" I can't join them. Please fix this issue and make so that people who don't have 0+ gems can still play FREE tournaments.
11:10 am, April 14, 2017 419 110 source



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