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Android Tournament Chest Bug!!!

11:10 am, April 14, 2017 443 198 1.0 @ 200 wpmrate up cerezeth source

I met a bug in clash royale. Here is the scenario: I joined the tournament, the tournament ended and my tournament chest started the count down of 3h. I am very sure that the tournament has ended and the chest was counting down.

At the end of the 3h, the chest started to count down again for another 3h(instead of showing option to open the chest).

Below are the screenshots as proof. (can check my play log to confirm again)

My Battle Log Timing

Time Tournament Ended

Me In The Tournament

My Opponent(Refer to first screenshot)

Tournament Chest Countdown

Hope you can help me sort out this bug. Thanks.
11:10 am, April 14, 2017 443 198 source



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