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2:31 pm, March 5, 2017 421 144 0.7 @ 200 wpmrate up Kiyo
Are you looking for a active clan? Tired of clans that claim they have active members when they aren't? Wanting a clan that will work for the 10th crown chest? Need help building your deck? Want to friendly battle? zombiekillerz just started 3/4/2017. But already we have 7 active members. I am clan leader Kiyo. Our clan won't make promises we can't keep. Active and friendly! That's what we are about. We have 2 co-leaders currently. Nokomah and Opachii. There may be room for more in the future. Clan requirements; Must have [200] trophies. You must donate to members before receiving donations yourself. (We understand this is a little inconvenient. But donating is a small way of showing you are willing to help out & not just be a sitting duck.) You must help with crown chest event. (We understand you can't be on the game 24/7, neither can we.)
2:31 pm, March 5, 2017 421 144



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