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Soft Launch Announcement: Clash Royale Release in Select Countries

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Join the Clash Royales in a brand new, real-time, head-to-head battle experience! Clash Royale is a dueling and card collection game set in the Clash Universe. This new game brings together the royal family with your favorite Clash of Clans troops, sometimes with a few new twists. Battle in various Arenas against other Challengers for Trophies, Crowns and glory. Clash Royale is all about head-to-head battle, and lots of it! Supercell has looked for a fun and engaging approach to player-versus-player gameplay on mobile for years, and we think we have finally found it. Developed independently of the Clash of Clans game team, Clash Royale is a completely new experience, and unlike any other game we've played before. Soft launch begins January 4th in selected countries. We're thrilled to see you in battle! Most importantly, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts on the game. We especially look forward to hearing how existing Clashers play and enjoy Clash Royale side-by-side with Clash of Clans.
Please check out Chief Pat's interview with the game team, our FAQ and share your feedback with the Clash Royale team on the forums. See you in the Arena,
7:52 pm, January 10, 2016 503 253 source



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